Zam Zam Soft, a software house in Pakistan Zam Zam Soft, a software firm in Pakistan Zam Zam Soft, a software house in Pakistan
Zam Zam Soft, a software firm in Pakistan Zam Zam Soft, a software house in Pakistan
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Zam Doctor

It doesn't matter if you are a single doctor, running a clinic or a group of doctors in a hospital, you need a software that can manage all the patients for you or different doctors in the hospital. We’ve designed a software solution "Zam Doctor" which deals all the requirements of a clinic or hospital. Everything in this application is password protected.

Zam Doctor is basically a Patient Management System, which can be used from Token or Appointment creation to printing the prescription for a patient. Zam Doctor can save complete record of patient including an optional photo of the patient. It deals all the daily needs of a clinic like Token creation, Appointment creation, Patient diagnosis, Printing prescription, Daily or Monthly Fee Reports etc. Using Zam Doctor, a screen is presenting to all the visitors of the clinic or hospital. This screen displays the current status of different doctors and current running Token number or Appoint number for all the doctors. Screen can be created in the admin panel easily. You can create screen in Urdu language as well as in English. Moreover, you can decide that how many doctors should be shown on the particular display according to your LCD / LED or Monitor screen size. You can create as many screens as you want for different doctors.

Over view of Zam Doctor Application

Here is a brief overview of the Zam Doctor. Three types of users operate the application:-

  • 1. Receptionist — creates and prints token or appointment for the patients against a doctor and optionally prints prescriptions
  • 2. Assistant — takes vital signs, manage the patients data, lab reports and printing prescription etc. Assistant user is an optional user that is Zam Doctor can be used without an assistant.
  • 3. Admin or Doctor — both are the same user except admin has full rights of the application. Admin can change different settings, create new users and view different reports. On the other hand, both can diagnose the patient, create and print prescription.
  • 4. Zam Doctor is for any type of small and medium type Clinic , Diagnostic center and medium hospital. It is useful for doctors, hospitals and clinic. This is also developed for doing dynamic prescription system. It is developed in PHP/MySQL.
  • 5. Compatible Browsers Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Files Included JavaScript AJAX, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.


A receptionist main job is to manage tokens and appointments for different doctors. A single Receptionist can deal patients for more than one doctor. In Zam Doctor, a Receptionist can easily create and print tokens and appointments. Of course, receptionist can also charge a fee to the patient. Receptionist can send the patient directly to the doctor office or before sending to doctor office, patient can be sent to Assistant to record vital signs and lab reports etc. After that, on his/her turn, patient will be sent to doctor office by the Receptionist.

Receptionist is able to view the status of the Doctor whether Doctor is IN or OUT of the office or waiting for the next patient. Receptionist can view the queue of waiting patients who have come to consult their doctors. After successful diagnosis by the Doctor, Receptionist can view the patients in a separate section. Here receptionist can refund the fee on Doctor suggestion, print and view the prescription etc.

On patient request, receptionist can cancel the token or appointment.


An Assistant user is an optional user in Zam Doctor application. It means you can use Zam Doctor without an Assistant user. Assistant primary job is to take the vital signs, records the lab reports. Admin can decide whether Assistant can view and print the prescription as well. If Assistant user takes the vital signs, then recorded vital sings will be shown to Doctor otherwise Doctor will need to take the vital sign himself. Assistant user can also contact the patients on phone and give them suggestion over the phone time by time. These suggestions are also saved in the zam doctor.

Admin or Doctor

Admin or Doctor both do in the same way except that Admin has the full rights. Admin can manage the settings of the Zam Doctor, create new users view reports and control the screens in addition to diagnosing the patients.

If a Doctor wants to diagnose the patients, he/she needs to set his/her status IN. Otherwise, Receptionist will not be able to send the patient into the doctor office. A Doctor can diagnose the patient who was sent into his/her office by the receptionist. Doctor can view or edit the previous medical history of the patient, patient info, fee status, vital signs, and diagnosis results, attach some specific file etc. Doctor can write the treatment for the patient by suggesting medicine doses. Doctor can suggest as many medicines and doses as he wants. On completing the diagnosis process, a computer generated prescription will be created for the patient. This prescription can be printed by the Doctor himself or Assistant or even the Receptionist depending upon the setting by the Admin. Doctor can view the lab reports of the patient as well.

If Doctor doesn’t want to diagnose a patient, he/she can send the patient back or even cancel the token or appointment. Doctor is able to view the queue of all the waiting patients sitting out side the office and waiting for their turn.

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Zam Zam Soft, a software house in Pakistan Zam Zam Soft, a software firm in Pakistan
Zam Zam Soft, a software house in Pakistan