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Information Technology has become an integral component for Business Processes, Products and Services that help companies gaining a competitive advantage in the global Market. Zam Zam Soft puts forth a bold step in providing highly compatible and integrated solutions catering to the growing needs of its customers. We believe in working within your budget to give you the best possible products and services.

Zam Zam Soft is an ideal company for you to outsource your business requirements, delivering results with a quick turnaround time. Zam Zam Soft offshore development methodology consists of a process-oriented delivery management methodology that ensures the solution is “to customer specification, on time and within customer’s budget”. Our expertise spanning multiple application areas & specific technologies complement our methodology and project management expertise. We have expertise in different development methodologies including Classic Waterfall SDLC, SSAD, RAD and OOAD.

Zam Zam Soft knows its tools from software to hardware. We’re as comfortable with NT servers as with UNIX. Compatibility assurance is an integral part of our development process. We test our websites on multiple versions of both major Web browsers and multiple platforms. Our websites work well and look good on every platform and device.

Zam Zam Soft has its eyes on the future. We’re continually incorporating new capabilities and techniques into our skill set as those technologies prove themselves and are generalized to the Internet at large.

Website Design & Development

Website design is not an art. It is a visual answer to a problem in need of a visual solution. Any website is designed with a purpose, it has to do something and do it effectively!

Website Re-design

If you have an old fashion website with unprofessional User Interface and want to re-design your website with then we can help you by re-designing your entire website.

E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce means buying and selling of goods, products, or services over the internet. We specialize in integration of payment gateway and a very high level of customization.

Content Management System

Zam Zam Soft can help make your lives easier by developing an absolutely easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for your website. You have an option to take charge; a CMS will help you do so!

Web Based Application

Our team provides a wide range of expertise in a variety of programming languages and technologies. We develop internet based web applications which interact with one or more central databases.

Database Design

The term database design can be used to describe many different parts of the design of an overall database system. A fully attributed data model contains detail attributes for each entity.

Logo Design

The creative team at Zam Zam Soft blends inspiration, design skills and marketing expertise to create logo and identity design for you which perfectly reflects your company image.

Website Marketing

There are lot of low-cost, no-cost ways to market your website both online and offline. We believe that we’ll market your website in a better and effective manner on social websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website has its own unique needs. We will determine the best method of optimization for your website once we’ve had a chance to carefully look at it. It all comes down to what you really want!

Website Maintenance

We help you in maintaining your website to the industry standards by simplifying your business, by building applications and software solutions that allow you to run certain aspects of your business.

Medical Solutions

We specialize in medical solutions for patients management system. We’ve designed a software solution "Zam Doctor" which deals all the requirements of a clinic or hospital.