“If you build it, they will come” does not apply to websites. Marketing your website is as important as designing it. How will you get people to visit your marvelous information if they don’t know about it?

You need an ongoing, integrated approach: promoting the website is everyone’s task, particularly at a nonprofit organization/NGO and the more valuable your website is for your organization’s donors, volunteers, other supporters, potential supporters, clients and the general public, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. In addition, you don’t just want new visitors; you want return visitors.

People find a website for a nonprofit organization for a variety of ways:

  • A reference to your website in a newspaper
  • A reference to your website in an email
  • A reference to your website in an online discussion
  • A reference and link to your website on another website
  • Pr-existing knowledge that your website has information or a service they need (they visit your website expecting to read about such incomplete detail)
  • From using certain keywords in a search engine relating to your mission statement, services, or name of your website.

They come back to a website because they find the information they need, and they know that new information is going to be added to make a return visit worthwhile. There are a number of ways to prompt people to return to your website – more on that in a moment.

There are lots of low-cost, no-cost ways to market your website both on and offline. We believe that we’ll market your website in a better and effective manner.