The first step in our search engine optimization program is laying the proper groundwork for success by selecting the keywords that will drive the ‘right’ visitors to your website. In addition to your input, we use a variety of methods to determine the best search terms for your program. These methods include search term comparison tools, specialized keyword research software and analysis of competitor websites. Keyword analysis is crucial to a successful search engine optimization strategy.

You know when you search for something in Google or Yahoo you see the first 10 results? Search engine optimization decides which websites go in those 10 results. That is as simple as it is true. People use search engines extensively, you do too. We just make sure they reach your website.

Achieving a top 10 placement in a major search engine and paying for SEO is pretty useless if nobody comes to your website using that specific search term you have paid for. Keyword identification and analysis – keyword research – forms the basis of our search engine optimization process. Keyword research process aims to find words and phrases people tend to use when they seek information on specific topics.

Our keyword research process bases on multiple tools and data sources like analyzing information provided / gathered from services like WordTracker, Overture and Google just to mention few most important ones. The workflow can be divided to following stages:

Collecting keywords

In this stage we have a very wide focus as we collect a very wide range of information about the keywords in your topic. Usually we deal with several thousand possible search terms.

Focusing on popular ones

The next step is to tighten the focus and find the keywords people seem to use. Because all sources provide different data, this is done at Search engine / data source level. The number of possible search terms is narrowed to maximum of 500 terms.

Cross comparison

Final stage is performing multiple cross comparisons between keywords and data sources. The end result of our keyword research process is an easy-to-use analysis which comes as a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Keyword analysis report combines and presents all important information gathered in previous stages. Report shows you what keywords you should target in general or at specific search engines, how much traffic you should expect and a manually drafted estimate by a professional SEO of how hard it is to achieve top10 position for the specific keyword.