There are so many definitions of website optimization, some more technical than others and often failing to deliver the message.

You know when you search for something in Google or Yahoo you see the first 10 results? Search Engine Optimization decides which websites go in those 10 results. That is as simple as it is true. People use search engines extensively, you do too. We just make sure they reach your website.

Do you Know?

According to Forrester Research, approximately 85% of all internet users rely on search engines and web directories to find information, services or products.
Good positioning in the search engines and directories will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your visitor TRAFFIC and SALES as those visitors are looking for your product or service.

Companies that Offer Website Optimizations

Search engine optimization is a service you feel might be good for your website but all the rumors going around about it make you feel uneasy and skeptical about it. And you’re right to feel that way about search engine optimization services.

There are many companies promoting unethical practices and you have to be very careful when choosing a search engine optimization provider because your budget is at stake. The best way to make sure your money is going to make more money through your website is to understand the nature of optimization services.

Many business owners need website optimization and marketing but unfortunately many of them are caught out by search engine optimization companies. The way to prevent that is to:

  • Understand what consists of- Get to know the service and make sure that’s what you’ll get for your money.
  • Establish a goal for your website- An SEO company will have to reach that goal as part of their optimization strategy
  • Choose an SEO provider wisely- Bear in mind that this is a long term relationship. You should feel comfortable working with the SEO specialists you choose and asking them questions (no matter how dumb they may seem).
  • Make sure you get a healthy ROI (Return on Investment). Ask the company to show you how to track traffic and generated sales so you can check the improvements yourself.

If you follow these steps you cannot go wrong. Your money will be making more money and you’ll know your website is in good hands.

Why Would You Need Search Engine Optimization Services?

The truth is that you don’t. You can do it yourself and be successful at it. In fact, hardly any search engine optimization company will be as dedicated as yourself to fulfilling your own expectations. You know your business better than anyone else and have an undeniable interest in obtaining a better return on the money you invest in your website.

Don’t be fooled, learning to optimize a website properly is not an easy task; you have to commit time, effort and patience. This is where hiring a search engine optimization company has an obvious advantage – they already know how to do it, have a good feel of the search engine world, know how to implement strategies and will avoid making mistakes.

It all comes down to what you really want to do:

  • Become your own webmaster, promote, maintain and help your website grow. That would be very demanding and would require a lot of time which would probably be better spent in other areas of your business. But the satisfaction you’ll get from seeing your website make money is phenomenal.
  • Hire a search engine optimization company to do that for you. You’ll be doing what you do best – managing your business. At the same time you will feel reassured that someone is making sure that people reach your website, that they buy and that they’re satisfied.

We use two basic methods of search engine optimization. Every website has its own unique needs, and we will determine the best method of optimization for your website once we’ve had a chance to carefully look at it.

  • Writing or rewriting your existing content for search engines and your prospects. Very often when we optimize a website, our professional writers will need to rewrite the text currently showing on your pages to incorporate your keyword phrases for high rankings. We understand your company has a particular branded tone and feel that needs to be reflected, and as such we will work closely with your marketing department, and/or train your writers in SEO writing, as necessary.
  • Editing your existing content for keyword phrases. For some websites there may already be enough well-written, visible text that allows us to weave in the targeted keyword phrases, where appropriate. This is often the case with high content websites.

Included in all Full Search Engine Optimizations:

  • Keyword analysis of actually-used keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, and determining the best phrases to use to optimize your website
  • Professional copyrighting as necessary
  • Optimizing tags, titles and other parts of the code as necessary
  • Editing the copy to ensure proper usage of the most searched-upon keyword phrases relevant to your website
  • Submitting optimized page URLs to the major search engines
  • Monitoring the search engines for three months to ensure that your URL gets indexed, with re-submissions as necessary during this time
  • Providing three monthly reports showing where your website is ranking and under which keywords

Ongoing SEO

Please note that many optimization campaigns take at least 3 – 6 months to see measurable results. A professional link popularity campaign is often necessary to realize a noticeable increase in targeted traffic and sales. (Monthly SEO Campaigns generally have ongoing link building included)