Website design services are a solution to a problem for companies across UK, USA, Australia and all over the world. Designing a website is much more than creating a pretty image. It is an essential ingredient in a marketing campaign to bring your business into the spotlight and into a new, fertile business environment. Design of a website is the first impression to your visitor.

The above is the typical marketing pitch all web design companies try to sell you. The truth is that not all businesses need a website and we’ll leave the sales talk and hype aside to tell you why?

Companies That Waste Money on Website Design

Take the following generic example. A small consulting business decided that it’s time to have a website designed for them. Why not, after all, almost all of their competitors had one. It is also the “latest fashion”.

This consulting company contracted a company for website design services, they provided photos, some text and the website was completed and set up in a timely fashion. This is where the “bringing the business to the web” campaign stopped. What is the result?

  • Website design that cost the business money now sits up on the web and accomplishes nothing
  • It still costs the business money with hosting and domain registration
  • The text that was included is taken from the company brochure or catalogue and doesn’t communicate with online users
  • Lack of maintenance leads users to think your website is abandoned and creates a poor impression about your products or services

You really don’t need a website if this is what you have in mind. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

You should only invest in website design when you are prepared to make full use of it and make it work for you.

Don’t let any website design company tell you that you need a website unless you’ve reached that conclusion on your own.

Purpose of a Website

Website design is not an art. It is a visual answer to a problem in need of a visual solution. Any website is designed with a purpose, it has to do something and do it effectively. You don’t need a website that does nothing and costs you money. From the very beginning it has to:

  • Be an accurate reflection of your business
  • Present your products and services
  • Give detailed information and specifications about your products
  • Allow smooth communication between you and your customers at any time
  • Ensure interaction between you and potential customers
  • Persuade them of your product’s quality better in their own time
  • Engage customers in reading useful and relevant information about your company

Common Sense Website Design Questions

Many business owners don’t fully understand what a website is really about. Is it not about “being up there” on the web. Is it not about a nice image of your company No, website design provides a solution to common sense questions you, your visitors and customers ask yourselves.

You, as a business owner:

  • Why do I want a website for?
  • Why should I want a website for?
  • What do I need a website for?
  • What does a website accomplish?
  • What can I expect of a website?

We specialize in?

  • Where can I buy this type of services or products?
  • Where can I find detailed information about these services or products?
  • Where can be answered the questions, I have related to a product?
  • How do I get in touch with a business selling these products or services?
  • Is there customer support?
  • Can I check what previous customers thought of a business selling these products and services?

The answer to all these questions is a website. The design of a website is an essential part in putting everything together. Good design is that which makes it easy for your visitors to reach information quickly and effortlessly.

A website has to communicate trust, familiarity and comfort in the user’s exploration process. Creating an effective website is one of the most worthwhile things you can do for your business, and yet not everyone has the time or resources required to build a website on their own. That’s why, for you, expertise of Zam Zam Soft in Website Design and Development comes into play. Innovation and customization are key to Zam Zam Soft approach to website design & development.

We specialize in?

  • Eye-catching website design
  • User friendly website design
  • Corporate website design
  • E-commerce websites like online stores and shopping carts
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Turnkey business solutions
  • Flash and multimedia website design
  • Graphic designs
  • Targeted online marketing and web promotion

All of these are fully featured and interactive website design and development that aim to successfully and cost effectively bring your organization to the forefront of the internet. Moreover, we help you in creating a successful website presence that is tailored according to your business. If you want your online presence to reveal the unique character of your business or organization, we can do it for you with the edge we have in our Web service offerings.

What differentiates us from the horde of Website Development Companies?

  • We are not here to sell just a one-off service; we aim to deliver a complete solution to support your business needs that integrate well into your existing business model.
  • Using the Partner approach, we believe in working with our clients as a team. This gives us an insight into their business as they see it; this knowledge then translates into the highly customized, fully featured, and interactive websites that we develop for our clients.
  • With the expertise and rich experience of our team at Zam Zam Soft, we have consistently delivered turnkey solutions within the most challenging timelines and budgets.
  • Our workforce is a source of potent managerial & implementation strength, latest technological know how and adheres to quality parameters relentlessly.

These distinctions and features have helped us carve a place in the competitive IT industry as a major offshore website development center in Pakistan.