If you had thought that your job is done once your website is made and you can sit back and watch it works wonder for your business, you have never been more wrong.

This myth is one of the main reason why a website fails – and because it is not maintained, you gradually find the information on it becoming out of date and irrelevant to your business. Your task only starts once your website is built, it is equally necessary that you maintain it and let it evolve with your organization.

That brings you to the dilemma of who is going to do regular updates and changes that will be required, and that too when you have no clue of the technicalities that lie behind it. That is where Zam Zam Soft can help make your lives easier; by developing an absolutely easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for your website. With this you will be able to make modifications as frequently as it is needed and without much effort from your end.

How a Content Management Systems works, is though a user friendly interface which allows you to make changes and work in an environment very similar to the one provided by Microsoft Word. Without having to worry about any programming expertise, you will have a form-based maintenance console that allows the relevant content to be changed easily, with minimal or no knowledge of the code behind the website. The security of your website will also be taken care of by providing access to the maintenance console only after due authentication.

The next time you look at your website and see things you want to change, you have an option to take charge; a Content Management System will help you do so!

The World Wide Web (WWW) has changed how today’s businesses communicate. WWW is not anymore only used to get and disseminate information but employed as a tool for performance. Today websites are not just static pages but interactive tools that enhance your business capabilities in real time. These responsive websites are powered by the web-based applications that are capable of responding and interacting with the user and allow skimming the information that is relevant and is up to date.

To be more precise, a web-based application is the one that uses a website as a front end and you can access this web application from any computer connected to the internet. This application is delivered to users from a web server.

The most common web application you must be using almost every day is an e-mail like Gmail, yahoo etc. Other web-based application that are used frequently to interact with clients, partners and other businesses are:

  • Customer relationship management
  • End-to-end web based recruitment
  • Online customer support software
  • Online data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Online quote software
  • Online product database development
  • Online ordering systems
  • Personalize of web page contents
  • SMS messaging integration
  • Secure client areas
  • Secure areas to allow collaboration with business partners
  • Web content management systems

Web-based applications are all about convenience and getting the combined power of desktop and server applications with the accessibility of 24 hrs, anywhere and anytime. Let’s see how they become the most strategic business tools:

No installation and maintenance of the software: These web applications run on a web server, which you can access through internet. You don’t have the hassles of installing and configuring a program. So, one does not need to worry about the maintenance and troubleshooting or on heavy backups on the disk space.

Cost effective: Since you are running the program from someone else’s computer and no license and space management on your disk is required, so save heavily.

Latest updates available: Since someone else is hosting the program and maintaining it remotely for you, so whenever there are latest updates you just need to click on your web browser as usual and avail the latest features of a web application.

Readily available data: To access your data you just need to be connected to internet which is no more a novelty. So, wherever you want, you can get connected to your data anytime. The accessibility to your data is 24 x 7.

Multiple platforms: Almost all the web applications are suitable for every web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc or whichever operating system you have on your PC. The web application will always look and function uniformly.