Optimization of HTML code is fundamental for any SEO – Search Engine Optimization project. Without clean and valid code fully employing relevant attributes search engines’ crawlers will have difficulties with correct indexation of your website. For poorly indexed websites, it is almost impossible to hold high positions in organic results.

Key elements of HTML code optimization:

  • delivering valid HTML code that complies with web standards
  • employing CSS for design
  • adding code attributes that facilitate search engines’ indexation

Static websites can be optimized directly – by rewriting their HTML code. Dynamic websites employing content management systems (CMS) need to be optimized at the CMS level. The system needs to be modified in a way that allows it to generate web pages compliant with web standards.

HTML code optimization helps to improve overall performance of a website in search engines but does not deliver any significant improvements for specific keywords. Optimization of HTML code is a necessary prerequisite for more specific keyword optimization.