As an internet marketing company, our ethos is to help you create a successful online business presence that is profitable and more importantly, stands the test of time. Our website marketing strategy consists in using a mix of factors to achieve stability and build business-consumer trust:

  • Attractive, crisp and comforting website design for your audience
  • Compelling copy that speaks to your customers, understands what they want and calls to action
  • Principles of web accessibility that ensures your website is accessible to the widest audience possible
  • Effective search engine marketing strategy that brings targeted traffic to your website

What Does Strategic Internet Marketing Do For You?

Before learning what website marketing consists in you have to understand what benefits it brings to your company. Both small and large business owners are yet to fully understand the potential of the internet. Website marketing is not about wasting time and money. It is not about creating a nice design that you then forget about. Internet marketing is a long-time commitment between you and your online customer base.

Website marketing can be more successful as traditional marketing methods.

The benefits of a well thought out internet marketing strategy are:

  • Getting to know the online segment of your industry: You will get an insight into your competitors’ strategies, you will learn about consumer trends, you will make full use of the online environment to experiment and diversity.
  • Having a website with an attractive design that entices your customers’ senses. Your website will build awareness among your customers, your internet presence will be at the tip of their mouse and they will know that your business is there for them at any time.
  • Effective use of marketing copy that speaks to your customers. The content of your website will be exactly what your potential customers are looking for while ad copy will persuade visitors to use your services.
  • Healthy ROI (Return on Investment) through targeting new audiences. Your customer base will diversify and increase with minimum cost. Your online customers will become an important part of your company’s revenue, not just a bonus.

E-Marketing, as we understand it, refers to a process where ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools like Website, Internet, Email, Multimedia etc. are used to communicate effectively with the target customers.

As with a normal design and development of communication strategy and implementation plan, in E-Marketing also a due importance has to be given to the content of communication, delivery channel of communication content and mechanism by which response or feedback would be gathered, analyzed and acted upon.

There are a range of tools and procedures available for E-Marketing. However the important thing is to understand your marketing program and your marketing objectives. Based on our analysis we can tailor-made an e-marketing solution just right for you.

Paid Search Solutions

The Zam Zam Soft customized approach brings proven analytics and expert client campaign management to your paid search marketing (PPCs).

Our customized solution delivers on whichever model you dictate. We combine advanced paid search bid technology with our superior client campaign management to provide a business objectives driven month-to-month performance-based percentage of spend solution.

With our paid search solutions you will

  • Increase paid search Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Find profitable customers before your competitors do
  • Achieve higher conversions for less money with optimized ad copy
  • Maximize bid effectiveness through granular rule-based bid strategies
  • Gain insight into proper keyword research
  • Track customers’ search, navigation, and spending behavior
  • Refocus on your business and let our experts manage your day-to-day campaigns
  • Integrate offline and online marketing opportunities

How to Achieve All this

The Zam Zam Soft approach leverages the immediacy of paid search to position your products and services in the best converting positions based on your business objectives.

Zam Zam Soft has developed cutting edge best practices that shape our approach and set us apart. Each component of our approach works to maximize results based on your business objectives.

Campaign Audit

If you are running a current campaign, we will evaluate structure, keywords and make the necessary changes based on performance and bidding efficiencies that will enable us to spend your advertising dollars effectively. If you are new to paid search, we will run an estimator that will let us set a realistic budget for entry into your industry vertical.

Competitive Intelligence

To be more effective and take your paid search campaigns to the next level, you must understand what’s working for your competitors and take advantage of their successes.

We research your competitors to learn which search terms have been successful in driving their traffic and conversions. In addition we look at their bidding strategies so that you rank where you want to against your competition.

Keyword Research & Analysis

The Keyword Analysis provides analysis of the keyword demand for your products, services or industry in the context of specific website pages. We analyze your business goals, product and service offerings and potential customer needs to create customized KWAs. Research includes gathering data on search demand including how often individual search phrases are used and consideration of competitor websites and complementary products. All data is leveraged into recommended keywords for each product and landing page.

Landing Page Usability

A clean, easy to navigate landing page is necessary for improved conversions. The Conversion Analysis provides solutions on how to improve the conversion rate of a website. Conversions are measured in different ways, from a customer filling out a form to someone phoning in an order. Our analysis and recommendations help to increase your defined conversion rate for search engine traffic and visitors to the website.

Ad Copy

In limited amount of copy, Zam Zam Soft experienced copywriters grab potential customers’ attention, use promotions and unique selling propositions to convince them you have what they are looking for and encourage them to click on your ad. With thousands of keywords and ads, our copywriters are able to create multiple ads for testing scenarios to produce best-of-breed ads to improve performance.

Budget Management

The biggest challenge to most paid search advertisers is keeping track of the budget. Without day-to-day tracking, you can deplete your budget in days, possibly hours, instead of making it last throughout the month. Our dedicated campaign managers monitor your spending and are able to avoid overspending, and stop it before your account is empty and your ads stop showing during profitable times.

Testing Scenarios

In order to take advantage of the Google Quality Score System and Yahoo best converting position, it is mandatory to test your ads. We use an A/B split testing process to get the best bang for your buck.

Performance Optimization

Our campaign managers will adjust your campaigns across Google, Yahoo and MSN to spend more efficiently during peak times, getting you positioning on the sponsored listing landscape with your target audience, and then use day-parting so when they aren’t online, you don’t have to be either. We keep you in the loop with automated reporting and weekly status calls.