So you have a new business or feel it is about time for a completely new looking? Read on. Our Corporate Branding services are aimed at small to medium sized companies wishing to use one design company for the whole branding of their business.

Your brand is not just your logo, tagline, packaging or the “look and feel” of your ads or website. These are all parts of your brand identity. Your brand resides within the hearts (feelings) and minds (intellect) of your customers and prospects. It is the sum total of their (product, company, service and competitive) experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence and some you cannot.

The most successful brands will always be those that deliver not only the tangible value but the emotional value as well. The latter will always be seen as the most valuable, because when confronted with two choices of apparently equal benefit the prospect will always choose the one that feels right. The Brand defines the organization; leads to the organization creating the relationships that people value; leads to the sum total of the relationships to build the brand; feedback into the brand idea that defines the organization.

Building relationships that people (all stakeholders) value clarifies what branding systems do. Experience shows that brand knowledge is most simply networked and energetically actioned where everyone believes in making business human again.

What is Branding?

The singular idea or concept and most important corporate asset that we own inside the minds of our target audiences that:

  • Reflect our unique strengths, personality and vision
  • Define a singular, memorable concept that we stand for
  • Communicate a compelling benefit to our target audiences
  • Improve the reach, frequency and impact of our key messages through consistent use

Why Need Branding?

You may need branding for the following reasons:

  • Separates you from your competitors, in a unique way, that is relevant (and motivating) to your customers, prospects and channels – it gives you value and makes you special.
  • Enhance your perceived value, thereby supporting premium pricing, sheltering you from low price competition and contributing to value.
  • Provides resilience in times of negative press.
  • Enables you to launch new products more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Remember that brands happen, with or without you. We need to be proactive in shaping the identity and strength of a brand image.

How to Build Brand?

The challenge for most B-to-B companies is to elevate and transform the brand into a true competitive advantage. In developing a strategy for B-to-B brand building, there are five key steps to keep in mind:

  • Structure your brand for a dear, unified expression. Many companies allow far too many departments, such as human resources, investor relations, public relations and marketing, to express their brands. The result is inconsistent, conflicting expressions of a brand that muddle the competitive landscape. To avoid the noise and confusion and to create a disciplined, broad approach to brand building, coordinate its expression through an on-staff brand champion. This person’s task is to make sure all the company’s uses and expressions of a brand agree, generating an unstoppable cumulative impact and a clear difference in customers’ minds.
  • Strip away confusing elements in your brand. Over time, a brand’s external impression can sprout new benefits and features tacked on by individual sales representatives. You need to take a hard look at the impression your brand makes, decide on one or two things to stand for, and throw the others out.
  • Find a meaningful difference, not demands that a clear, simple differentiation be articulated. Brands that stand for something have a huge advantage in attention and conversion.
  • Mind your current customer base. Let your most committed customers show you what that essential differentiation is. Effective B-to-B branding demands that you capture what’s setting you apart for them. Get close to them, pick their brains and research the causes of a high level of satisfaction. You will identify assets you never knew you had that are working hard for you every day; all you have to do is find inspiring ways to communicate them.
  • Embrace the future of your brand. Each massive change in the B-to-B sales environment creates unprecedented opportunities. To transform your brand, go beyond what it is today. Some questions to ask are:
    • Can you take a global stance in the new, more mobile marketplace?
    • Can you use Web interaction to build loyalty and grow new markets?
    • Are you using new information sources to refine and build your brand and its consumer relationship?
  • Keep your brand in the vanguard as conditions change; don’t let it be a laggard.

Large discounts are available for any company opting for our corporate identity package as opposed to selecting our services individually, which consists of, in the following order:

Services we offer are

  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Bespoke website design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine submission